Tailored Courses

Tailored Courses

At Safety Matters we design courses specifically to meet our client’s needs.

Our courses are designed to enhance learning by putting people at the centre, actively engaging them and encouraging them to seek out new concepts and ways to improve health and safety


We tailor courses around your industry, systems and current or future requirements


We focus on active rather than passive learning and motivate people to be more responsible and be accountable for their actions


Courses have an emphasis on deep learning and understanding rather than clipping the tick to meet compliance needs. Learning is thought provoking but without excessive overload

All courses have a mixture of different learning styles to allow flexible learning attuned to people’s abilities and pedagogical needs


We activity encourage collaboration, autonomy, formative feedback and interdependence between delegates to form relationships and connectedness during and after the courses


Our focus is on continuous improvement to promote equity and excellence in learning to the highest level