Paperless Systems

Paperless Systems


Paperless safety systems take away the administrative burden of reporting and allow more time to focus on the actual safety in your workplace. Conduct all your safety forms such as inspections, audits, inductions, incident reporting, hazard recording etc using any computer or digital device (iOS or Android) and send a pdf to anyone who needs to review it by text or email. All documents are stored on the cloud which allows original reports to be edited or updated online


Photographs of hazards, sketches, voice to text notes, actions and signatures can all be captured in a quick and seamless manner, preventing lost documents and saving you time and money.


We source or build the best system to suit your business and convert your current paper-based documentation into easy to use digital templates.

Our paperless systems collate and evaluate the inputted data, which allows you to track strengths and weaknesses within your organization, produce detailed reports and pinpoint areas for improvement


We are also agents for the Safety Seek Health – Safety Management System a comprehensive cloud-based system to manage all your safety needs

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