At Safety Matters we are regarded as square pegs in round holes because we see things differently and push the boundaries in safety management beyond traditional systems and approaches, which we feel are dated and limited.

We treat safety as a continuous process (instead of a compliance requirement) and integrate workers in safety decisions at all levels.

At Safety Matters we help companies to define and create a culture of safety that is both effective and sustainable.


Our goal is to improve safety by offering some alternatives to conventional compliance-based systems.


Why, because we are told by our clients that traditional safety methods are too complicated, boring and time-consuming!


We challenge the status quo by invoking imagination, fun, and engagement to inspire individuals to take more of an interest in health and safety.

Our products are clear, simple, workable and achieve dependable results.

Audits & Inspection Service


We offer you a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ perspective to seek out any gaps in your health and safety systems and provide a comprehensive report with solutions to reduce risks, comply with current legislation and meet best practice


We use a ‘no stone left unturned’ approach, walk every area of your site(s) and dig deep into your processes to find out critical risk areas, which could result in serious harm to your people and your business


All facts are captured with a photo and explanation of the risks and a practical and efficient solution to suit your organization and your people


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Health and Safety Inspection Services


Accredited IOSH Trainers


Paperless Systems

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